More about the Update

The Game's Development

I was just testing around, and I fixed some bugs (stated later), and I am starting to make the building code. Also, instead of the tree dropping wood, it will spawn a log which you need to attack to split up. Also, the rocks have a problem where it doesn't have collisions. I'm also working on a tutorial. Also building will snap to the nearest foundation and can be overridden to not snap by pressing a key.

Planned List of Changes

  • Building
  • More trees (might be random generation)
  • Random generating terrain (maybe.)
  • Start work on some models (like a player, and a surprise!)
  • Raycast instead of Trigger for chopping down trees (may be a while because I would need to edit quite a lot of code)
  • Fix Rock Collisions
  • Trees drop logs instead of wood
  • Redo item script
  • Time
  • Water
  • Make an HUD
  • Update Item UI
  • Maybe start work on a random spawning structure
  • Saving with .json instead of PlayerPrefs (maybe not since the JSON file could be edited easily)

Currently Done

  • Animations
  • Test terrain
  • Fixed the Axe script, because before you could get the Axe stuck in the walking animation (fixed 0.30, existed 0.20)

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