What's Happening?

The Game's Development

Even though it's called Survival, there will be a Creative Mode for testing stuff. I made this decision while making a script for making place-able objects, like a tent, or a fire pit, and the crafting seemed a bit hard right now, and I want to get this done. This makes it easier, because then I don't have to worry about crafting until it's done. When the next build (0.30, because 0.20 was a private test update of animations.) comes out, you can place things. There's no snapping, because it's just not realistic!

Planned List of Changes

  • Animations!
  • Tents, walls, foundations, beds, roofs, fire pits, tables, chairs, etc.
  • A test terrain instead of the usual flat land.
  • More trees.
  • Ability to rest (may not be, as this has been worked on, yet I can't seem to get the script right).
  • You can sit.
  • You can lay down.
  • Action Button (E)
  • Textured Axe.

How will "Creative Mode" affect development?

Not much. I'm developing Survival like Axolot is developing Scrap Mechanic. I am making a Creative Mode to get the basic mechanics all made, and afterward then I'll make all the Survival Mode mechanics. The one thing that'll be different is that you can't play Creative Mode after Survival Mode is released. Creative mode should really be called "Testing Core Features Mode", because I'm going to destroy creative mode afterwards.

What will happen to crafting?

It'll be disabled for now, as you already have everything you need.

Development Map (what I think will happen)

  1. Develop core features
  2. Work on survival mode
  3. Release the final version

Then the game may never get an update again...

Thanks for reading about the games planned development!


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Nov 23, 2017

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