A downloadable RL StiNE

RL StiNE is a realistic game, involving a lot of real mechanics.

Basically, the name was made up when me and my friend decided to make a game (It used to have a RANDOM name.). Basically a prototype/concept, but while the game is literally 0.1% complete, I'd call it an idea. You could think of the game being GTA VI, but it won't, as you won't just shoot people, steal cars, and really just limited to the world, but you can BUILD! Crazy, I know, but hey, at least that'll be realistic. I am currently working on the Pre-Alpha that will be released in a few weeks or months. Again, even during Pre-Alpha the game will be only 1% complete. There will be multiple Pre-Alpha's, really just new versions.

Time for a whole FAQ that nobody asked for :)

Q: Will there be multiplayer?

A: Yes, however this will come in the FAR future builds.


A: Yes, but there will be a low quality option.

Q: Is this a GTA rip-off?

A: Nope. In fact, probably after you've seen this, you'll think GTA is crappy.

Q: Will this cost money. If so, how much, and what will it be released on?

A: Yes, depending on the KickStarter (that will start after the first alpha is polished, which will take a while). If it does good, 50-60 USD, if okay, 39.99 USD, and if not good, the game won't be released at all. It will be released on Steam.

Q: What game engine?

A: Unity.

Again, the game isn't even playable yet.